Welcome to the 101 Digital podcast, hosted by Craig Meyer, where we share the most up-to-date information about the IT security landscape with the business community.

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101 Yt Ep7

Shaping Future IT Leaders | EPISODE 7 | featuring Brett Thompson

In this episode, Craig spoke with Brett Thompson, a longtime educator in Naperville District 203 and his former teacher, about how education and internships have created a symbiotic relationship between young professionals and the business community.

101 Yt Thumb Ep2 Copy

Education and Internships in IT | EPISODE 2

On episode 2 of the 101 Digital Podcast, Craig spoke with James Yahr, our intern, about his experience with the GPS Internship and what he’s learned while working with 101 Digital.

101 Yt Thumb Ep1 Copy

Welcome to the 101 Digital Podcast | EPISODE 1

Welcome to the 101 Digital Podcast! In our first episode, Craig Meyer and Jack Reinke talk about the benefits of a managed IT provider, what IT services look like in 2023 and how the podcast fits in to spreading the word.