Mobile Device Management: Three Factors to Consider

mobile device management As stated in a recent article from Business News Daily, the use of mobile devices in and out of the workplace has resulted in more ways and places that your data can be accessed. While the initial reaction from companies to this possibility is to trust no device outside of the walls of your business, a practical solution lies not in banning mobile devices but rather in mobile device management. When coming up with a data management solution, the article stated, there are three factors you should consider.

The first is architecture. Are you obtaining cloud services and infrastructure or are you managing your own data center? Many service providers will offer management solutions that are deployed either via the cloud or on-site, according to need. Some providers even offer hybrid solutions, where part of the infrastructure exists on-site and other parts exist in the cloud.

In order to find a data and mobile device management solution that works best for you, the article continued, you also must consider the direction your company is headed in when it comes to data management. What services do you need now? What additional services are you going to need? Does the provider you’re using offer them?

You also should consider the integration aspect of your mobile device management solution, the article stated. Have you invested in internal applications or document management? Your mobile device management should work seamlessly with those investments. Efficiency and security can be enhanced through the ability to control and monitor systems from a single point.

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