Apple iPad – Microsoft Surface Comparison

Mobile Device Management for tablets obviously begins with deciding on which platform to use. Let’s compare two lightweights, the iPad Air and the Microsoft Surface 2. Which tablet is better for business people on the go?

Depending on what you’re looking for in a tablet device, which is a step up from a smartphone, but not as capable as a laptop, you’ll have to decide for yourself. Both are tablets that have their own appeal. What follows is a brief ipad-surface comparison.

Size — or lack of it — does matter

  • The new iPad Air is lighter and slimmer than the Microsoft Surface. The iPad air weighs just one pound; the Surface 2 a slightly heavier 1.42 pounds.
  • Both have around a 10-inch display, but the iPad leads in quality with its Retina 2,048 by 1,536-pixel resolution. (The Surface 2 lags somewhat behind with its 1,920 by 1080 pixels.)

Then there is price

The Surface 2 is cheaper. At about $449, the Surface 2 might lure tablet seekers who are in the market for something different:

  • The Surface 2 with 32GB of storage is about $100 less than the 32GB iPad Air.
  • Even the 16GB iPad model is still $50 more expensive than the Surface 2.

Handheld to standalone

The Surface 2 stands by itself, and so does the iPad Air:

  • The Surface 2 comes with a built-in kickstand that folds out from the back and allows the user to prop up the device for a laptop-like experience.
  • The iPad Air doesn’t do kickstands, but the iPad SmartCover folds up to act as a prop.

ipad microsoft surface comparison

When input matters

If you’re into a lot of

The Surface 2 accommodates Microsoft’s TouchCover and TypeCover keyboard accessories, which offer good typing accuracy and sensitivity. data input and would rather use a physical keyboard:

  • Apple’s iPad has a vast selection of accessories that run from cases and keyboards to music stands and mini-arcade cabinets.

The software

Both tablets do not support traditional desktop office software like their laptop “big brothers”; however:

  • The Surface 2 offers the Office RT 2013 that comes with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Outlook.
  • Apple comes with its own iPad array of compatible productivity apps, but still hasn’t brought Microsoft Office to the iPad. Until iPad can introduce a touch-screen version of MS Office, Apple will continue to offer its iWork and HopTo apps in its app store.

It’s a matter of taste, really

Each tablet has its advantages: The Surface 2 costs less. It comes closest to being a productive laptop, and its operating system and apps mimic Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office in functionality. On the other hand, the Apple iPad continues to be the best selling tablet on earth, has a dazzling display, more accessories and apps, and has that visceral attraction that only true Mac lovers understand.

Speaking of which, we understand that your business needs a truly tailored approach, no matter what networked, desktop or mobile platform you use. Contact us and see how our managed IT services can be that instant upgrade you’re looking for.