5 Popular Windows Features That You Won’t See In Windows 11

Microsoft recently released the details on changes we can expect in Windows 11. In addition to adding some new components, Microsoft has also cut some long-standing features. Many of the features we think of being simultaneous with Windows are being axed. But, the good news is that everything that’s going away is being replaced by newer, updated options. Here’s a list of the top 5 differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11. Read on how to find out how the changes to Microsoft 11 will affect your business and your life.

1. Cortana

Microsoft has announced that Cortana won’t be pinned to the taskbar any longer. In previous Windows versions, Cortana even guided you through the setup process. We can expect her to be less prominent in Windows 11, but the voice assistant isn’t going away completely. Instead, she’s being revamped to be less of a Google Home or Alexa knockoff. In a recent press release, Microsoft likened Cortana’s new role to more of a productivity assistant.

2. Skype

Mircosoft acquired Skype in 2011. Since then it’s been an integral part of the Windows setup. But now, Skype will no longer automatically download when you install Windows 11. Microsoft Teams will replace Skype as Microsoft’s leading video service. Teams offer more collaborative tools than Skype. If you prefer Skype over Teams though, you can still download it from the Microsoft app store.

3. Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer browser has been around for ages, but Microsoft is finally calling it quits. The outdated browser will be replaced with Microsoft’s new Edge browser. So, Microsoft users will have to acclimate themselves to a new browser or use a third-party browser such as Google Chrome.

4. Live Tiles

The customizable Live Tiles that Microsoft introduced in Windows 8 are being retired. In their place, you’ll have customizable widget feeds. They won’t be attached to the start menu like Live Tiles though. So if you update to Windows 11, be prepared to lose any pinned apps you currently have with Live Tiles. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend some time customizing your desktop again.

5. Snipping Tool

Likewise, the screenshot editor program, Snipping Tool, will be discontinued. In its place, we’ll have Microsoft’s Snip & Sketch. The main difference between the two programs is Snip & Sketch’s ability to snap screenshots at different timed intervals. This delay function lets users screenshot context menus and other objects which typically disappear when you snap a screenshot. This isn’t doable with Snipping Tool.

A Seamless Transition

So what do these changes mean for Microsoft users? Many businesses worry about loss of productivity when they migrate to new software. And, anytime software changes there is bound to be an adjustment period. But, the team here at 101 Digital is familiar with the changes coming in Windows 11. We can quickly train and update your staff so your bottom line is not affected. With our help, your team can seamlessly and efficiently transition to Windows 11.