3 Tips to Speeding up your Slow Technology

Computers are supposed to speed up your work tasks so you can get more done in a day and increase company profit. Yet your Windows systems takes forever to open up the customer database or process your word-processing files. You’re beginning to wonder if it’s time to upgrade to systems with faster processors. Because that can cost a pretty penny, try out these strategies first for speeding up your slow technology.

  1. Make sure it’s not your Internet connection. A new computer won’t help much if the source of the slowdown is your external connection. Run a free test utility like Speedtest, which details your current upload and download speeds. If the numbers are far lower then promised by your Internet Service Provider, contact its agents for solutions. They may need to fix something at their end or recommend hardware to improve your connections.
  2. Free space on your hard drives. Your computers need the space to store temporary files created when their operating systems and software run. A lack of storage capacity can adversely affect processing speed and power. Empty your recycle bin and uninstall any software you don’t need.
  3. Turn off programs that automatically run when your system starts. Some of these items may be unnecessary to your business. To find these program, press the Windows and “R” keys to display the Run dialog box. Then type “msconfig” and press the Enter key. The System Configuration window appears to list everything that is running. Look in the manufacturer’s column to find the source of a program. Ignore items from Microsoft. They’re most likely needed by your system. Remove the start checkmark from others, such as from Google, Adobe, or Spotify, (If you’re not sure what a program does, leave it alone.) Then click the “OK” button and restart your system to effect your changes.

If your system is still slow after these steps, then something more serious may be happening. As a Chicago-based provider of small business IT solutions, we can offer you additional options for improving your speed- so give us a call.