Small Business IT Solutions: Computer Speed

Computer SpeedRemember when your computer was just out of the box? You may not have known much about processing speed or gigabytes of RAM, but you did know it was a fast computer. You pressed the button and it came to life. Its operating system was robust and responsive and your programs from browser to office apps were sleek and swift.

So now, months later, when you boot up you have time to run to Starbucks before your now not-so-fast computer comes to life and is ready to go to work. Your small business is undoubtedly online much of the time, and your browser is staggering under the heavy load of links and bloated cookies that cause your computer speed to slow down with spyware and unwanted ads.

Your computer, then, is analogous to an athlete who has put on weight and needs to slim down. The weight on your computer, however, is much easier to shed using small business IT solutions. Your technology is most likely suffering from slow computing speed caused by:

  • unwanted background programs that run automatically each time you boot up
  • temporary files accumulated as you run programs or access web pages
  • insufficient hard drive space to serve as needed virtual memory
  • a hard drive that needs optimizing or defragmenting
  • spyware, viruses, or malware that needs to be removed
  • hardware conflicts that eat up memory resources
  • insufficient memory to cope with the demands you place on your computer

There are some immediate small business IT solutions you can implement to get your computer speed back. They involve running system maintenance programs ranging from detecting and removing unwanted programs and files to freeing up space on your hard drive. If your computer is over two years old, you may want to consider upgrading your hard drive and adding additional memory.
On the other hand, returning to the analogy of the athlete, it is best to do ongoing routine maintenance to prevent the fat from accumulating. That’s where we come in. We have the proactive small business IT solutions that will keep your system in shape. Contact us and see how we can extend the life of your system without major hardware upgrades — and keep your computers out-of-the-box fast.