IT Services for Small Businesses

it services for small businessThere is a point where a business owner or manager considers how he/she can best provide today’s (and future) IT technology and solutions to the company. The advantages of the new technologies and the many applications are overwhelming and, if they aren’t implemented, the company loses competitive advantage, customer and sales support, and the ability to get detailed reporting, analysis, and prediction from its operations and finances.

Where To Start

But, how to do it? The knowledge required for just realizing what is available requires time and study that aren’t available in-house.  Choosing the best technology solution for the company’s needs is a complicated analysis that requires in-depth understanding of the existing processes and how to enhance them and make them more productive.  Implementing that solution cost effectively is a project that just isn’t in the DNA of most businesses and requires a dedicated project manager and team. When considering cloud technology and support, productivity applications, mobile and communications hardware (desktops, laptops, and tablets) and software, virus and malware protection, maintenance of current solutions and installation of upgrades, 24 X 7 response to issues, business continuity planning and, most important, empowering the employees with the tools they need to do their tasks with maximum customer satisfaction, what a SMB needs is a partner that understands their needs, models their services within cost constraints, works with the organization to respond proactively to issues and new initiatives, and has the certifications required to work with the top IT vendors.

Consider 101 Digital, Inc. We have provided IT services for small businesses in the greater Chicago area since 2004. We specialize in managed services, business continuity planning, unified communications, and mobile solutions to your needs. We provide 24 x 7 monitoring of your network in our Managed Services Center to quickly find and resolve any breakdowns. We are partners and certified with, among others, Microsoft, Cisco, and Apple. Our solution for your company is custom-tailored to what you need at an affordable cost with an immediate ROI.

Please contact us for an estimate to solve your company’s IT issues.