Small Business IT Solutions: Mobile Security Still Needs to Catch Up

SMALL BUSINESS IT SOLUTIONSSmall business IT solutions are constantly evolving, and the advent of using mobile technology for the small business keeps growing. But what about the overwhelming security issues businesses have to deal with related to their mobile devices? Already in 2011, Symantec warned about how those who used integrated mobile devices in office settings didn’t fully comprehend the security threats.

If that’s true, is there still a long way to go to make mobile technology in small businesses up to the level it should be? Some of the IT solutions for the problem might be overly complex, though can sometimes be done through mere judicious use.

The Problems of Encryption

Some businesses dread doing encryption because of the inconvenience it causes employees. Regardless, it’s imperative and most mobile devices have it built in. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s foolproof and may require an IT team creating a stronger encryption method.

When implementing encryption, though, it’s best to utilize it gradually in each department so there isn’t any resistance by your entire staff. A gradual rolling out will have word spread to other employees how convenient it is without slowing down work speed. Furthermore, you can set encryption on devices used for work via Mobile Device Management to make sure it’s applied as needed.

Remind Employees to Update the Software

Call this the simplest solution of them all, despite so many avoiding installing system updates. That’s because system update alerts always seem to happen when we’re in the middle of an important project. The only way around this is to select an option to install later or to auto install all updates. It’s imperative to tell your employees to find time to install the system updates or your mobile devices will be very vulnerable.

Creating Strong Security Policies

Making your employees aware of any dangers should be part of a regular mobile security policy. That policy should be implemented the minute any mobile devices become integrated into the premises. Using caution opening unknown emails and not clicking on suspicious links are general frames of mind every employee has to keep in mind. As well, having a full password policy should be there so individual applications can be protected. This provides a shield from other employees who might be dishonest enough to steal personal information. MDM can enforce these policies and make sure users can’t access company resources without an unlock password on their phone or tablet.

Solutions for When Mobile Devices are Stolen

Things have thankfully improved in being able to remotely remove information if a mobile device is stolen. Right now, Lookout for Android devices offers the convenient feature of being able to go online and lock a stolen mobile device. It can also wipe all data from the phone so nothing can be extracted. Apple also offers the ability to remotely wipe an iPhone or iPad if stolen or lost.

Can small businesses keep up with these IT solutions? Here at 101 Digital, Inc., we can assure you that we’ll find the proper IT solutions for your mobile devices. This can¬†range from security all the way to the usefulness of the cloud in accessing your business data while on the go.

Contact us for a consultation on what kind of IT solutions your small business requires. We’ll give you peace of mind in knowing the loose strings of those prior mobile threats are finally tied together.