Network Security In The Financial Industry

network security in the financial industryIt’s no secret that financial companies are connecting with their customers around the clock, offering 24/7 access to their account dashboards and getting the latest updates on news and services.

But who’s minding the store at 3:00am when that on-premise network goes down and the IT-staffer steps out for a week?

To deliver these Financial Industry IT Solutions in a seamless manner, the demands for on-premise hardware, or hosting services and cloud-based platforms, continues at neck breaking speed. Overall, when IT productivity can be increased, and downtime minimized, it can mean opportunities for banking more profit.

Trading companies, for example, need assurances they are receiving as much uptime and low latency as possible; furthermore, it is vital to have access to an IT service provider who can oversee the network to make sure those executions are processed in a timely manner.

More importantly, the financial services company need a trouble-free transition as they blend select on-premise programs with cloud-based applications. Always, there is the concern about privacy issues and regulatory compliance; consequently, silos of personal data must be protected from unauthorized users, as well as the ongoing security threats from hackers.

Some of the top concerns for network security in the financial industry include:

Hiring the right people who know how to integrate technology with policies.

Having the best hardware and apps never is a guarantee for risk protection: employees need to know how to interface with these offerings.

Be ‘proactive’ with predictive threat scenarios.

Who’s knocking on that door and trying to enter in the gateway? A key to warding off such attacks is to implement trials that try to get through the network defense.

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