Key Components of Functional Mobile Device Management

Key Components of Functional Mobile Device ManagementKey components of Mobile Device Management (MDM) include security, reliability, functionality, and flexibility.  While security likely generates the most discussion, due to the need for constantly evolving measures, flexibility is important to consider and revisit as your MDM strategies and tools evolve.

Importance of Flexibility

The other key components identified above all rely on, or are intimately intertwined with the need for flexibility in MDM.  The more your business comes to rely on mobile tools, the more critical those tools become to keeping up with the speed of your business.

MDM tools and safeguards must allow your employees to reliably and securely access information and tools.  If your MDM strategy does not provide adequate flexibility to employees, their access to information and tools may be compromised at critical times, costing you losses in time, money, security, or credibility with clients, partners, or customers.

Flexibility is needed so that those tools are always available to your employees in the face of ever-evolving IT and Mobile Device challenges.

Flexibility and Security

We’ve covered the basics and specifics of Mobile Security in previous blogs, and we’ll continue to do so over time, as this will remain a forefront concern in Mobile Device Management (MDM).  But many of the same challenges to security are challenges to flexibility, and can come from the same sources we’ve previously discussed.

A primary example of this cross-over is the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies as an integral MDM tool.  This offers tremendous flexibility to businesses and employees, but requires diligent tracking of issues and security–both of which impact flexibility.

Flexibility, Reliability & Functionality

As with security, the primary cross over is the need to be able to access tools you rely on, so MDM must remain flexible enough to ensure access and functionality to your employees.

Direct loss of access to a device (through device or system issues, or in the case of loss or theft) is only one of many challenges employees may face.  If company or personal devices are not working at peak performance, you may not have access to the full potential of your mobile tools, or the full functionality of the tools themselves.

Solutions to Flexibility Challenges

As technology evolves, so do challenges, as with businesses as they expand.  We provide solutions for MDM that protect secure access to information and tools in the face of uncertainty and evolving challenges.  A few important examples include:

  • GPS location if a mobile device is lost or stolen,
  • Remote wiping of your private data,
  • Comprehensive reporting and monitoring of your devices’ security (for timely breach detection), and
  • Remote configuration management for new users to your mobile network.

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