Hackable Hardware: Change Default Passwords on These Devices

You probably change the password on your iPhone frequently, because the phone reminds you. Passwords for computers and e-mails also get frequently changed and updated when the system reminds us. For social media accounts and online baking, even if the passwords don’t get updated, they are often unique and created by you.

But there are potential security loopholes that are caused when we don’t change the default passwords in other devices that we may not think of. In this article we will go over some often-forgotten devices that need to have their passwords changed as well in order to keep your information and data as safe and secure as possible.

The following devices that come with default passwords at particularly at-risk and should be updated immediately:

  • Firewall/Router: If your router is using the default password, your computer is at risk of an attack that can completely re-configure your router. Specifically, the configuration of a malicious DNS server. These types of servers sent you to a phony website when you think you are going to a website to do your banking or shopping. This allows the hackers to steal any personal information including credit card numbers that you type in as well as any sensitive information pertaining to your business.
  • Managed Switches: These are not inherently secure and the default password should be updated to a secure password.
  • WiFi Extenders: Just as scammers can hack into your WiFi, they can also hack into your WiFi extender.
  • Printers/Scanners: A printer or scanner seems harmless, right? Think again. Because we use printers and scanners to print and scan countless documents, a lot of them containing personal information, that data can be stored within the machine.
  • Security Cameras: Is there anything worse than thinking about a hacker getting into your home security camera and watching your family or even your sleeping baby? Even with your security cameras at your business, you don’t want hackers illegally surveilling employees and company data. In 2014, a website was discovered that listed 73,011 locations with unsecured security cameras. This list spanned 256 countries. What they meant by unsecured was the cameras were still using default usernames and passwords. So, be sure to change this password for safety, privacy and peace of mind.

The reason it is so important to update default passwords is that they are often generic passwords that are created without thought. These passwords are not secure and can be easily guessed, this allows hackers to have easy access to your devices and whatever personal information and data is inside them. Think about changing your device’s default system like changing the lock on a house. If you were to move into a new house, you wouldn’t want to keep the locks unchanged if the old owner still had a key, right? The same hold true for your devices, if you never change the default password, who knows who will be able to gain access to your devices, personal information and data.

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