Cisco Combines Certifications for its Partners

One of the most important goals of your IT department is keeping your business’s information secure.  You want to keep your machines and your website locked down so that it’s not possible for someone to come in from the outside and hack into sensitive information. You want to do it across all of your devices, with the same level of security on your tablet or smart phone that you would have if you were logged in to your desktop.  As a Cisco partner, 101 Digital is equipped to help you keep your business as safe and secure as possible.

In recent years, a shift has been made in the vulnerability sector.  Hackers aren’t coming at your data with big, bold moves that will splash their intentions and their accomplishments across your homepage. Instead, they’re sneaking in the back door, exploiting vulnerabilities that you didn’t even realize that you had and slipping back out again before you even realize that they were there.  Cisco is constantly looking for the latest security threats and learning how to minimize them–and they expect their partners to do the same.  Their adaptive approach to the ever-changing technological world keeps them at the forefront of the security game, shifting their approach as it becomes necessary to ensure the security of all of your devices.  It’s not just a desktop game anymore.  Hackers are aware that more and more people are using primarily mobile devices, and they’re learning to take advantage of it.  Cisco is already on the task as they find the vulnerabilities in your devices before hackers can exploit them.

Cisco isn’t just about security, though.  Most recently, Cisco, like many other organizations, has begun streamlining their certifications and processes.  These days, there are few people who fill a single role at a time.  Instead, there are groups of people who handle data flow, however that flow may proceed–and Cisco’s expectations and certifications are changing in order to meet those needs.

Jobs, Cisco admits, are evolving.  Now, most projects are collaborative efforts that require input from multiple different fields:  data, voice, video, and more.  Many times, individuals need to be able to wear multiple different hats in order to function effectively in their corporation–and that’s exactly what Cisco expects of their partners.

This is the theory that 101 Digital has been implementing from the beginning.  As a small business, you don’t want to have to go to multiple different groups for all of your technology needs.  Instead, you want a comprehensive understanding of everything that your business is using to keep it moving.  Whether you’re looking for help with desktops, mobile devices, backup, or cloud, you want to know that you’re getting the quality support that you need.  Like Cisco, we combine all of those elements to create a comprehensive whole that lets you know that when you call us, you’re going to get all the help you need, rather than just another piece of the puzzle.

One of the goals of integrated technology is a comprehensive interaction between all of the different elements that allows them to work smoothly together.  Any time the elements work separately, there’s the possibility that a piece will simply fail to work with another somewhere along the way, even if both pieces are working perfectly well on their own.  By integrating all of your technology support, you know we understand not only the individual pieces and programs that you’re using, but also how they work together for your business.

Contact us to discover how 101 Digital can help your business keep its technology running more efficiently.  Our employees are up on the latest Cisco certifications, so you can rest assured that we’ve got your security needs covered.