5 Things You Might Not Know Your Password Manager Can Do

Password managers have definitely made our lives easier. We can only memorize so many passwords. So when you need a unique, strong password for every site or app, that becomes a problem! With password managers, there’s no longer a need to keep your passwords scribbled on a piece of paper where prying eyes could find them.

But did you know that password managers do much more than spare your memory? An all-in-one security solution such as Keeper, Myki, Dashlane, LastPass and others can help you protect your data and ward off cybercriminals. Read on to learn more features of these solutions and what they can do for you!

1. Sync your passwords across devices

Most of us have more than one device where we need to access password-protected websites. Add in multiple browsers and user accounts, and this becomes nearly impossible to manage!

With Keeper, you get real-time sync of your passwords on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and across various browsers. When you update your saved password in one place, you’ll be able to instantly use your new password everywhere else.

2. Generate super-strong, unique passwords

Did you know that most people use their pet’s name, street name, or birthday as parts of their password? This makes it easy for identity thieves to guess your password if they know even a little about you!

The best password is a random string of letters, numbers, and special characters. Obviously, that’s hard to remember, but Keeper makes it easy. It instantly generates incredibly strong passwords, then stores them in your encrypted vault. There’s no need to memorize them because Keeper will automatically access them when you need to log in.

3. Implement two-factor authentication

Even the most secure password can be hacked if cybercriminals manage to install malware on your device. To keep yourself safe, most experts recommend you use two-factor authentication (2FA), in which you verify your login on a second device (usually a smartphone).

This can be a pain, especially if you are using multiple authenticator methods (Windows Hello, SMS verification, Google Authenticator). But business password solutions like Keeper and Myki bring them all together so you can quickly access your accounts even if you’re using 2FA.

4. Keep your payment methods securely on file

Pulling out your physical credit card as you shop online is so 2009! Keep all your payment methods stored in Keeper, then quickly access them during checkout. Your card numbers are securely stored in your encrypted digital vault. In fact, your payment info is safer with a business grade password manager than in your physical wallet.

Store all your credit cards, debit cards, banking account details, and payment app logins in Keeper. It makes shopping online a breeze. Plus, you can easily access your data when you need to pay bills.

5. Store and protect sensitive documents and photos

It’s called Keeper for a reason: you can keep anything you like in here! If you have sensitive documents (e.g. contracts, private notes) or want to make digital copies of your personal information (e.g. your driver’s license, passport), Keeper is an ultra-safe place to store it.

You can even store private photos and videos, as well as other documents that you don’t want to store on your computer or in a cloud-based file-sharing service. Plus, Keeper is reliable, so if your hard drive fails, you won’t permanently lose your wedding video! Keeper is the perfect place to keep your important files safe, whether it’s the draft of your novel or photos that you’d rather not have leaked.

Wrapping up

Keeper and Myki are much more than password managers — they are a password generator, secure digital wallet, 2FA app, and private storage platform all in one! And because it’s encrypted with a master password that only you know, it’s ideal for storing all your sensitive information and documents. Trust in secure business password solutions to protect your identity and make your digital life easier.  We’re here to help you find the right solution.