4 Types of Passwordless Authentication Your Business Can Use

Have you evaluated your user authentication solutions?  Some businesses never consider anything other than the ordinary password for authentication. When you consider that most data breaches are due to compromised passwords you realize that it is time to search for alternative authentication options that add second layer of security. Passwords are easily forgotten and easily compromised. Simply having one more layer blocks a vast amount of attacks.

Businesses need options that make it easier for employees to get to work and to keep their sensitive information and important processes secure. There are many modern options for passwordless user authentication, and we lay some of those out for you below.

Why opt for Passwordless Authentication Methods

• Greater security – With passwordless authentication, phishing attacks are fruitless.  It also eliminates the risk of stolen credentials being used to gain access.

• Improved user experience – No more remembering and forgetting passwords. You simply use another method to gain access.

• Passwordless Authentication prevents many security breaches including password spraying, credential stuffing, spear phishing, offline cracking, and others.

One-Time Passcodes

Unique codes, OTPs are attached to one user and have a limited time of validity. A user receives the OTP on their mobile phone or to their email address.  When the user enters the correct code, the OTP allows authentication. They can be used alone or as a part of multi-factor authentication systems. Text message passcodes have been around for quite a while now and actually are less secure than other methods with the latest attacks targeting them being so successful.


Biometric passwordless authentication uses unique physical traits that are unique to an individual to allow access to files, computer networks, and devices. Fingerprints, voices, and facial patterns are some biometrics that are used for passwordless authentication. Their uniqueness makes them good options to allow access to certain employees for certain data. Popular platforms like Microsoft Azure AD are embracing biometric authentication. To spoof a biometric, they must be converted into an object.

Magic Links

Magic links are a method of passwordless login.  These authenticated URLs have tokens that verify and authenticate users when they are clicked, streamlining the authentication process. A cookie will keep them logged in for that session.  Users receive them by SMS or notification or by email. They can be used alone or as a part of a multi-factor authentication system. With magic links, users do not have to remember passwords. They also defend against password-dependent cyber-attacks. A good example of a magic link at work is when you click the release email link in a quarantine digest. It’s coded with a one time use link to validate you and release that specific item. This works for logins to sites like Slack as well!

Hardware Tokens

Hardware tokens, also called authentication tokens, is a device that is used to access a network. Some believe that these physical authentication tools are one of the most secure methods of multi-factor authentication. Users insert a token into the device to access needed information. They are often issued in the form of a key fob, USB token, or wireless Bluetooth tokens. The 101 Digital team uses security keys like those from Yubico to lock down tools.


Passwordless systems can lower IT costs by eliminating the cost associated with security cleanups and reputation hits from breaches of simple password backed, hacked accounts. Companies spend money each year managing passwords, setting policies for them, and encrypting them.  Passwords also often require password resets that require the time of the helpdesk. When you add in the second layer, time based reset policies are no longer needed.

If you are searching for modern methods to provide network access while ensuring your proprietary information remains secure, contact 101 Digital today to learn more about how we can help you configure and manage your security using innovative methods of authentication. 101 Digital is focused on providing affordable technology designs based on business requirements.