Secure File Collaboration through SharePoint in Office 365

secure file collaboration through SharePointToday’s foray into third-party collaborative platforms, like DropBox, SkyDrive and even Google Drive, has led a lot of business decision makers into dragging their feet to adopt them wholeheartedly.

While DropBox, for example, makes it clear they are after the business community’s fair share of files and documents, the platform still is not an integrated part of the enterprises’s document management platform.

Instead, the workhorse of productive tools, Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013, a part of Office 365; the suite focuses on document management, file-sharing as well as a level of Secure File Collaboration through authorized permissions. Stakeholders need not worry about a ‘dump-site’ mentality with SharePoint, as users are given access based on their level of privileges.

Team members, or individuals, have the capability to invite vendors to participate at certain points in an ongoing project. Usually, a vendor can access SharePoint on a limited basis and add to documents, or leave new information, specifications and other data, while not having authorization to make changes to certain files or documents.

With secure file collaboration through SharePoint, files can be stored, synced and shared and all changes are kept in one place, allowing remote users to review and make changes—even offline from just about any device. In addition, the platform helps users organize and share videos.

Companies can create dedicated portals, or public ones, to help customers and stakeholders receive the information they need for ongoing projects. More importantly, the platform is keyed to meeting compliance and regulatory issues to allow quick responses to any legal matters or audit questions.

SharePoint Online for Office 365 is available for small and medium-sized business. Plans for government organizations, education and larger corporations are also available.

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