Microsoft Power BI Complements Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

microsoft-office-365Power BI with Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of online services and technological features that help you quickly view important business data through custom dashboards. With Power BI you can share discoveries and collaborate in unplanned ways whenever and wherever.

The current experience is set up with Office 365 integration. Power BI can use all forms of data such as Excel spreadsheets, on-premises databases, and more. The features let see real time data and share your reports and findings with other people in your organization. You can also use data tools including Power Query and Q&A. Other exciting features are:

  • A Power BI mobile app for looking at reports on the go
  • Power BI sites that let you share, view and interact with reports
  • Query and Data Management for sharing and managing inquiries and data resources
  • Ask Power BI real world questions such as “How many widgets did we sell last year?”

The program brings self-service business intelligence solutions to your business users through a familiar tool you already use such as Excel. By relying on Excel, you can bring the power of big data to the people who are closest to your business instead of a specialist. Everyone in your organization can find good solutions that will help them make better decisions. By delivering this service from Office 365, you can reach thousands of organizations who already trust Microsoft as a cloud service provider.

Contact an Information Technology support service company that has a Microsoft Small Business Specialist Certification. Their staff has the ability to deliver industry-proven solutions. They also provide affordable technology designs based on your business requirements and their solutions can help cut costs.

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