Easing into The Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office 365 has the potential to help businesses of all sizes. Most companies are familiar with Microsoft Office products on some level, but the most significant benefits of Microsoft’s productivity suites have gone to businesses that could afford the bulk licenses and staff to maintain systems such as Exchange and SharePoint. We can help you with a few suggestions on easing into the Office 365 migration.

As a Microsoft cloud service, Office 365 is bringing enterprise-grade productivity tools to all companies. For those already at the enterprise scale, it is offering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to in-house software installations.

Based on monthly plans, the services are highly customizable and allow a business to pay for only the components that it truly needs. It is scalable, allowing a smaller company to create an entry-level solution and expand the services under its use as it grows.

It also happens to be very conducive to growth as it removes the overhead of managing local files, integrates Microsoft’s well-recognized collaboration tools such as Exchange, Lync, and Sharepoint, and cuts down on the distance factor by making tools available to employees from any location.

With all this being said, there is one caveat with Office 365 that we must mention – it is not always trivial to move productivity over to the platform. Though one in four of Microsoft’s enterprise customers uses Office 365, it takes a certain amount of effort to effectively carry out a 365 migration.

For one, it is a new platform that in many ways is still taking shape. Furthermore, companies must get used to navigating its piecemeal, subscription-based licensing schemes. Finally, businesses must figure out how to map over their existing productivity systems over to the new platform.

Fortunately, 101 Digital has taken all of the guess-work and difficulty of Office 365 migration. With a wide range of ready-made plans for organizations of all sizes and the expertise to tailor solutions to your specific needs, we can get you up and run on Office 365 with as little pain as possible.