Discover the 3 Things Financial Firms Need to Know About Email Encryption in Office 365

Email Encryption In Office 365

email-encryption-in-office-365Office 365 is an attractive technological solution that empowers everyday employees in your financial firm to leverage powerful technologies that are easy to learn to use without lengthy training sessions.

Nevertheless, benefiting from the full power of this new technology requires knowing what’s possible. One of the less obvious, but very necessary, features built into Office 365 is the email encryption feature. Here are 3 things you need to know about using email encryption in Office 365 for your financial firm.

1. Choosing the Right Plan

Email encryption is not a feature built into every Office 365 plan. You need to select a plan that is Enterprise level or up to provide your financial firm with this powerful tool.

2. Automation

Office 365 email encryption is super simple to use and highly compatible, but it needs to be configured for use in your firm, which involves setting rules that, once triggered, will automatically encrypt emails sent to recipients within and outside of your organization.

3. Compliance

This email encryption feature is secure enough to protect sensitive personal banking information and is compliant with the laws that require all financial firms to protect their clients’ information with encryption.


By using Power Shell with Office 365, you can create customized default text and images that can brand every encrypted message you send with your company’s name, logo, tagline, and disclaimer information.

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