Construction Company Sees Benefits After Adopting Microsoft Cloud Services

A Chicago-based construction company learned the easy way about the benefits of adopting Microsoft cloud services.

Walsh Group Construction bought into Microsoft’s Office 365 and its Enterprise Mobility Suite. As a result, the company has seen cost savings, improved time management, and enhanced productivity.

The company employees are also enjoying a benefit of the cloud. They’re able to use their own devices to complete their work. This is a concept in the industry known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Overall, Microsoft’s cloud services have helped Walsh reduce both operational and capital expenses and facilitated easier access to business applications by employees. That’s according to Patrick Wirtz, the innovation manager for the company.

Wirtz said that the company saved $200,000 in cap-ex thanks to Microsoft. Additionally, the company saved about 20% in its operational costs for disaster recovery by using Office 365.

Wirtz’s primary concern about adopting Microsoft cloud services was security. He called the initiative a “leap of faith,” because he took the word of the software giant that its security was up to contemporary standards.

Microsoft claims that its cloud security is in line with prevailing regulations. The company also says that there are independent reports to support its commitment to a secure cloud.

Walsh has been a Microsoft shop for a long time. The company operates between 150 to 200 construction sites at any time. It’s headquartered in Chicago, but it also has 20 regional offices. All of the company’s job sites have Internet connections and VPN connections to the main office. The regional offices also use VPN to connect to the main office.

The company adopted Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility suite at a gradual pace to ensure a smooth roll-out.

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