Finding a Managed Services Provider That isn’t Obstructive for the Office and for Mobile

A managed services provider is a little different now from what it was back in the earlier era of IT management. Just a mere decade ago, before the era of the cloud, managing IT was strictly in-house where technicians dominated the computers when something went wrong. When this happened, it meant a lot of valuable work time for employees being wasted because the tech team had to use the computers to fix the problem.

If you’ve been in business long enough, you probably remember those days in your own small business. This was also before the age of mobile technology that now adds a new layer to the concept of IT management.

Perhaps you’ve given up on an in-house IT team or even the break-fix teams because it simply costs too much. You’ve perhaps given up on them because your business is growing and you don’t want anything obstructive getting in the way of valuable time spent working on valuable projects.

This is something perfectly understandable in today’s business climate. Here at 101 Digital Inc., we’re a leading managed services provider giving you a chance to have excellent IT management without getting in your way. In what ways will we accomplish this so you save valuable time for accomplishing your goals?

Remote Management for Your Office Computers

When you need use of every computer throughout a full work day, you don’t want them hijacked for hours when an issue develops. That’s why having remote IT management is one of the greatest tech tools of recent years. As you work, things get monitored quietly in the background as the best element of security.

No doubt you’ve been concerned about security when using IT solutions like the cloud. While the media tries to paint a picture of these services not being safe, they are when they have round-the-clock monitoring. With a decent IT management plan, you’re assured of having your network watched with a hawk’s eye 24/7, all throughout the year. This includes holidays when you’re all out of the office.

Remote management already uses preventative measures so the worst possible disasters don’t happen. It’s an amazing solution when you have a dedicated team backing up your data as you create it and doing automatic maintenance or upgrades so it doesn’t disrupt your work.

In the rare times they have to do service that would slows your computers down, we’ll let you know in advance. These services are always done overnight so it doesn’t disrupt your work by day.

Remote Management for Mobile Technology

This is where you’ll see the most benefits in having a managed services provider. No doubt you’ve already had workers out in the field using mobile devices for their work. Some of them may already do this regularly as part of their jobs, including taking business orders on their smartphones or tablets.

With the BYOD concept so prevalent in workplaces, there still isn’t enough proper management on security. Recently, the media took note about Hillary Clinton’s use of her personal email for business and how those emails had the threat of possibly being compromised. It was a warning for everyone using more than just email on mobile devices while out in the field.

Your own company may store more business data on mobile devices than you even realize. Wi-Fi connections aren’t always secure, and without someone monitoring your network on these devices, an online thief could have a field day.

IT management for mobile devices works just as quietly behind the scenes as it does on your office computers. While your employees take work orders or conduct general business out on location, our management doesn’t slow down your mobile devices or intrude in any way.

Contact us here at 101 Digital Inc. to find out more about our comprehensive IT management solution. It’s time you find a management service that isn’t obtrusive and helps your mobile technology work more securely and efficiently.