What is IT Support? Everything Arlington Heights Businesses Need to Know

It doesn’t matter if you run a mom-and-pop shop or a growing corporate business: technology likely plays a crucial role in your daily management, sales, and workflow.

However, it can be challenging for business owners to keep up with new technology and maintain IT security all on their own. As an owner or upper manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate, and you don’t have time to research the best software or troubleshoot finicky devices.

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That’s where an IT support company can help.

An outsourced  IT support company removes the stress of technology from a business’s internal operations by providing advanced solutions and security, whenever they are needed. This gives businesses more time to focus on important things, like growth and success, while their technology runs seamlessly in the background.

There are many businesses in Arlington Heights, Illinois, that could benefit from outsourced IT support. The Arlington Heights business scene has experienced a boom in development in recent years, which is being propelled by new start-ups and successful small companies.

If these Arlington Heights businesses want to keep up with the competition and avoid technology mishaps, they need proper IT support. There’s really no other way around it.

Have you found the proper IT support team for your Arlington Heights business? Here’s everything you should know about outsourcing IT support.

What is Outsourced IT Support?

First things first: let’s talk about outsourced IT support a little more in-depth.

An outsourced IT support company does exactly what it sounds like – supports your business technology and all of its internal users. The third-party company will provide you with a team of remote IT technicians dedicated to maintaining, protecting, and improving your IT infrastructure for long-term success.

An Arlington Heights IT support company like ours will support your business by providing:
  • IT solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Advanced cybersecurity defenses
  • Service plans that fit your budget
  • 24/7 support to resolve your IT concerns

In short, an outsourced IT support company acts as a complete IT department for your business. They ensure your business technology is taken care of on a daily basis and eliminate the need for expensive in-house IT employees.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support in Arlington, Illinois

Let’s discuss some of the ways a worthwhile Arlington Heights IT support company can benefit your business.

1) You’ll Receive Advanced Network Security

You might have a few backup strategies and firewalls, but are you really protected against the latest threats? Ransomware attacks and phishing schemes are growing in sophistication, so it’s going to take more than rudimentary cybersecurity setups to stay safe – even in a “safe” place like Arlington Heights.

An outsourced IT support company will provide your business with better network security than you could find on your own. Businesses of all sizes and industries can fall victim to a cyberattack, and it can be incredibly challenging to recover.

Your customers may become wary of supporting your business after a cyberattack – they know your systems are vulnerable. They might hesitate to share private details with you, including their addresses and financial information.

In addition to a damaged reputation, a cyberattack can also lead to a costly recovery process. Just one attack cost can cost average of $25,000 in reparation costs. This is beyond what most businesses can afford, and many go bankrupt or permanently close following a serious attack.

An outsourced IT support company will minimize the risk of cybercrime disrupting your business.

The technicians included with outsourced IT support will implement advanced multi-level network security. Multi-level defenses effectively protect your business network from cybercriminals indirect attacks and secret schemes.

IT providers will also continuously monitor your network security and run frequent updates. This ensures that your security setup is keeping up with the latest online threats to Arlington Heights businesses.

2) You’ll Have Access to Better Technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up with and afford the latest recommendations, especially as a small-to-mid-sized business owner.

However, if your business uses outdated tools and processes, it could be slowing your internal operations down and causing you to fall behind your competitors.

A quality IT support company will give your business access to advanced technology that meets your needs but that doesn’t break the bank.

The goal of a worthwhile IT support company is to help your business improve its internal processes and workflows. Therefore, they will not try to sell you any unnecessary tools that don’t serve a purpose. Instead, they only suggest new tools and technologies that support your needs and make your business more efficient.

IT support providers also make new technology more affordable through discount pricing and easy monthly fees that fit your budget.

3) You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Finally, an outsourced IT provider will give you and your team peace of mind.

An IT support company removes the stress and responsibility of IT maintenance and security from your internal operations. They also monitor your infrastructure 24/7 and are available at a moment’s notice if your business runs into any IT issue.

As a result, you and your employees can stop focusing on keeping up with the latest technology and security protocols. Instead, you can prioritize other responsibilities, like growing your business.

In short, an IT company frees up time to work on what matters. Although your business uses technology every day, it shouldn’t drain all of your valuable time. You need to feel secure in your tech setup and confident enough to work on other, more important tasks.

What Should You Look for in an IT Company?

Now that you know how outsourced IT support can benefit your business, let’s discuss the top services to look for in a great Arlington Heights IT company.

24/7 Remote Support

Unfortunately, IT emergencies and cyberattacks aren’t incidents you can plan to encounter. They can occur at any time of the day, regardless of your regular hours of operations.

For this reason, you should look for an IT support company that offers 24/7 remote support. This gives you access to experienced IT technicians who can help you resolve any IT issue your business comes across – whenever you need it.

You don’t want to wait when IT problems arise. The longer you put off finding a fix, the more at-risk and behind-schedule your business becomes.

One of the benefits of hiring a local Arlington Heights IT support provider is that they tend to respond faster to your requests than national providers. They are in the same time zone and typically serve fewer businesses than national providers, which means they will be less overwhelmed with requests.

IT Consulting

Another feature to look for in a great Arlington Heights IT support company is IT consulting.

A dedicated IT expert (consultant) will regularly meet with your team to evaluate your IT setup and guide you toward the next improvement. An IT consultant will give you an in-depth look at how your infrastructure is running and help identify potential issues before they escalate to significant problems.

IT consultants also determine the best IT solutions to help your company run more efficiently. For example, they might advise you on the best defenses against online threats, suggest new technologies, or help with data storage setups.

Proactive IT Support

IT companies shouldn’t just resolve your IT-related issues as they occur. Instead, they need to focus on taking the appropriate steps to prevent the problem from reoccurring – or even happening in the first place.

Proactive IT support companies will identify the reason for an IT issue and adjust your systems and network security accordingly. This minimizes the chances of the same IT disruption occurring repeatedly.

These companies will also listen to your specific needs and offer tools that support your goals. In contrast, reactive IT support companies offer break/fix solutions following a cyberattack or disruption, as well as provide generic tools that won’t really put your business ahead of the competition and threats.

Cloud Solutions

Even if your business has multilevel security to combat cyber threats, you still need to prepare for the many dangers that can interfere with your vital data. For instance, when a fire or flood strikes a business, it can damage your servers and prevent them from accessing your data.

A worthwhile IT provider will offer cloud solutions to protect your business data from this very situation. They do this by creating a Cloud-based backup solution. Storing your data in a Cloud backup location allows you to recover your data if your systems get damaged in a disaster.

Email Security and Archiving

Email is a great communication tool that most businesses rely on in some capacity. However, it’s an easy target for viruses, phishing scams, malware, and other malicious attacks.

To combat these risks, you should seek out an IT company that offers email security and archiving services. This ensures all your email data is backed up in case of accidental deletion or a breach. It also puts up defenses to minimize the chances of sketchy emails and discourages unauthorized users.

Unified Communication

If your business is using an outdated communication system, you might be receiving spotty calls or missing calls altogether. Your business needs a reliable phone system to maximize customer satisfaction and boost sales.

IT support companies that focus on unified communication will improve your phone systems without costing you a fortune. They will help you integrate your mobile, voice, and messaging applications for smoother communications. In addition, they will eliminate the need for multiple servers.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many great reasons for small to mid-sized business owners to consider outsourcing their IT support.

The right Arlington Heights IT support company can help you and your team achieve business goals and foster growth over time. You don’t have to juggle every element of your business’s infrastructure on your own. You deserve professional, reliable help – whenever you need it.

Want to know more about third-party IT support and how can it benefit your small Arlington Heights business? Let’s find it out together.