Financial Industry IT Solutions: From Security Services to Backup and Recovery

FINANCIAL INDUSTRY ITFinancial industry IT solutions are going to be diverse based on the complexity of how financial institutions work today. And because we’re living in the age of hackers who can easily hack into the most critical systems, the financial industry has to think seriously about protecting their databases. As well, this should include preparing for natural disasters that seem to be occurring as often as hacking cases are.

Network Monitoring

Keeping an eye on the databases of financial institutions will be critical in the years to come as hacking becomes an everyday occurrence. Solid encryption methods need to be employed to ensure the flow of data isn’t intercepted by someone who could gain personal financial information. Along with the proper anti-virus tools, all financial institutions won’t have to worry as much about their systems failing or taking irate customer calls about their information being compromised.

Backing Up Databases

With big data starting to emerge and possibly reshaping the financial industry, more and more data will need to be stored. The IT solution of the cloud is becoming close to mainstream to help store that information in a secure place. In the time of frequent natural disasters, a business continuity plan also needs to be nurtured more than it has. Using cloud-based systems helps keep databases safe for fast retrieval when the unexpected strikes. However, not all cloud solutions meet compliance requirements. Use 101 Digital as a resource to guide you to the proper solutions.

Consolidating Software

Software is always going to be needed for different financial tasks. But finding ways to connect them all so they work together is essential to ensure a steadier business flow. With today’s technology, it’s easier to consolidate data applications in the workplace so everyone can be on the same page. In the age of the cloud, this is also possible so every department will be in the know concurrently, unlike how it used to be. Technologies such as SSO and Active Directory integration can help provide easy to access financial industry IT solutions.

Training Employees to Use Technology

One of the most important IT solutions for the financial industry is making sure employees know how to use newer technology. Training can be made available to help with some of the more complicated pieces of technology. It also helps to have ongoing support to make sure those employees keep learning that new technology when cogs can be easily slipped. Due to the quick evolution of technology, perpetual technology support will be an IT solution that’s going to be necessary.

Here at 101 Digital, Inc., (101 Digital), we provide all of this and more for financial industries as well as other, unrelated companies. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about what we offer so your financial institution will run smoothly without technological interruptions. As well, we’ll keep you safe from the emerging threats that could potentially bring things to a standstill.