The Latest Resources for Starting a Small Business in Illinois. Don’t Forget Essential IT Support

Essential IT Support

IT-supportIllinois lawmakers have always welcomed small businesses to the state. They’ve encouraged small business growth through many programs that provide business owners with financial advice; and educational resources about growing, marketing and financing their businesses.

What’s Available?

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity offers programs that match small businesses up with small business incubators, workspaces, tech parks, financing and environmental assistance. They also help you understand the regulations that concern your business on both a local and state-wide level.

The Chicago Small Business Center has dozens of programs and seminars including:

  • A micro-lending institute,
  • A restaurant seed program,
  • Help with securing financing and paying taxes,
  • Seminars on starting a business blog, going paperless and marketing online,
  • Their Seed Chicago program, and
  • Much, more

What’s New?

According to recent reports, there is now even more reason to start or expand your small businesses in Illinois. According to recent reports, Illinois small businesses will soon be able to raise up to $4 million through a new form of crowdfunding called Interstate Equity Crowdfunding. Basically, individuals can donate up to $5000 to your small business in exchange for a small share in your company. Up until now, it was only legal for accredited investors to donate, but now anyone can donate as a silent partner. Both liberal and conservative officials are supporting the bill and the bill was passing unanimously as of May 14th, 2015.

Why Small Businesses Need Excellent Computer Support

Illinois offers small business owners a warm climate to grow healthy, community-based businesses. However, many small business owners still don’t realize how important it is to have readily available small business IT support, server management and security protocols in place. Having a good IT staff in place can, (and usually does), save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only do you avoid costly emergencies, you avoid:

  • Buying the wrong software and hardware,
  • Losing data that wasn’t backed up properly,
  • Losing money because someone gained access to private financial information,
  • Losing hardware and data because the guy you wound up firing anyway for a different reason, was downloading torrents, or
  • Enjoying completely unproductive paid work days as staff members stand around the water cooler while the computer guy fixes some huge issue

There are many ways that Illinois helps small businesses achieve success within their local communities. Having the proper IT support is part of that solid foundation. Did you know that almost half of the companies that experience a major disaster, go out of business? Many people are starting to realize that security breaches are often extremely disastrous to smb’s. Last year 43% of US companies had some sort of data breach.

In addition to securing funding, building your customer base and your place in your local Illinois community. It’s important to understand that a good IT partner is essential for any modern business.Contact us today to learn more.