3 Steps to Controlling Staff Internet Usage

staff internet usage

Staff Internet Usage

There are plenty of reasons every small business needs to know how their Internet is being used in their office. Simply put, not caring about knowing or controlling your data is a mindset for failure. Furthermore, if you’re not using the cloud you will be so it’s time to get staff Internet usage in check.

On the productivity side you need to know staff are working on important work related items, not Candy Crush and (insert latest web based game here). On the HR side you need to ensure users can’t even get to the illegal or inappropriate resources that prompt very uncomfortable conversations. Lastly, from a technical standpoint, you need to make sure bandwidth is prioritized for mission critical services such as phones (VoIP), cloud connections, and email traffic.

The following 3 steps will have your office and/or VPN usage easily understandable and in control.

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