3 Common IT Headaches in the Manufacturing Industry

IT and the Manufacturing Industry

manufacturing-industry-IT-chicagoTechnology is a critical component in the manufacturing industry today.

Unfortunately, there are many common IT headaches that are pervasive in the manufacturing industry; headaches that CXO’s and Operations Managers struggle with on a regular basis. These issues plague productivity, and ultimately impact efficiency, safety, and your bottom line.

Below we detail some of the more common issues we see in the manufacturing industry and go over a few things you can do right now to keep your company’s operation running smoothly.

Small IT Department

Many manufacturing companies have an IT department that is simply too small to monitor all of the processes and machines that are needed to keep production running smoothly. Many IT departments are stretched thin and often these professionals are not solely focused on production issues. Many people get thrown into the role and have to wear the hat with little to no IT experience.

The Solution

One of the best ways to solve this issue is to hire a skilled IT Managed Services firm that works with other manufacturing companies. These are experts who specialize in the area of plant floor technologies and how each of the systems affects production. Managed Services firms will be able to trouble shoot any plant-floor issues that arise and help improve overall production in a timely, well documented manner.

No Time for Maintenance

Another common IT headache that occurs in manufacturing is a simple lack of time. The best way to fix this problem is to change the way things are done. Proper maintenance of machines is important and should be scheduled in order to keep things running the way they should.

The Solution

Preventative maintenance can be done through remote monitoring. IT professionals who have remote access to machines can perform maintenance activities to identify root problems and fix them before they become bigger issues. The maintenance can be scheduled after hours with automated processes.

Global Operations

Manufacturing companies have been increasing their productions around the globe. One of the problems with placing plants around the world is that there is a decrease in real time access and monitoring of them. This distance also makes it difficult to access the machines that need attention and maintenance.

The Solution

Remote monitoring solutions provide a way for global producers to access their equipment and facilities no matter where they are located. Hiring specialist that are trained to monitor the facilities can save a company a significant amount of time and money.

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