2013: The year of the vendor switch?

A new report suggests that 2013 may be the year of the great electronic medical records (EMR) vendor switch given that many EMRS are falling short of providers’ expectations.

To come to that conclusion, Black Book Rankings polled roughly 17,000 active EMR adopters – and found that as many as 17 percent may switch out their first-choice EHR by the end of the year.

The reason: In light of Stage 2, provider demands are increasing, and EMR users are reporting that many EMRs aren’t living up to expectations. In fact, those polled cited numerous cases of software firms underperforming badly enough to lead them to lose market share.

As a result, 31 percent of survey respondents indicated they were “dissatisfied enough” with their EMR to consider switching. Of those users, the reasons cited for the potential switch were as follows: The EMR did not meet the practice’s needs (80 percent); the practice had not adequately assessed its needs before choosing the EMR (79 percent); the EMR design did not fit the medical specialty (77 percent); and the EMR vendor was unresponsive to requests (44 percent).

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org.