What a Switchvox Partnership can do for you and your Business

469507649Here at 101 Digital Inc. We take pride in helping our clients find the right service for the right job, and if that job happens to be a communications solution, then we have you covered.

Being a Switchvox Partner with Digium means that our clients will be getting the very best, and most cutting edge Unified Communications the industry has to offer.

You might be asking yourselves “What is Switchvox?” and “Why would I need Unified Communications?” so allow us to clarify.

Switchvox is a Unified Communications solutions that integrates all of your businesses voice, messaging, video, desktop, and mobile applications. This gives your employees and customers a better media experience and in turn helps to enable adaptation to rapid changes in the markets. Another added bonus is you can eliminate the need for multiple servers in your offices.

Businesses that have moved over to a UC have seen growth all areas, including productivity, creativity,and unity. Any successful business needs good communication, not just with clients, but also within the company as well. Switchvox VoIP phone system offers powerful features that are priced to be affordable for both on-site or hosted versions of this service.

Small Businesses can that utilize these systems are more likely to be successful in new markets and overcome the road blocks of traditional forms of communication.

Implementation of these Solution could not be easier with 101 Digital and Digium on your side. Our experts will Design, build, and implement everything your business needs. From simplifying communications by moving to Voip servers and and installing units, to linking your existing IT to the new Switchvox Cloud Technology that will make it all run smooth and secure. Your employees and customers alike will take notice and you will stand above the rest. 101 Digital and Digium will get the job done, so that you can too.

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