Get a Jump on your Competition with VoIP Implementation

It’s really quite amazing when you think of the advances that we’ve seen in landline phone technology over the last few decades. We’ve gone from rotary phones to touch-tone phones and… well, really that’s about it. The infrastructure has stayed pretty-much the same, save for beaming some calls up through satellites to make transcontinental calls  better.

But we’re still reliant on the same basic technology for most of the rest. The phone cords you use today are still made out of copper with only minor improvements in purity, and largely stringing them underground rather than above ground.

While this system gets the job done, it leaves both sides of the call with sub-par call quality and, due to copper being extremely prone to corrosion and being a soft metal, a tendency to break causing service interruptions.

That lack of progress wouldn’t be stood for with any other technology. Imagine if computers still only offered information by ticker tape, or we never managed to get vehicles to go over 30 mph? We would never have been able to make the kinds of advances in those areas that we see today.

Fortunately, a solution to advance telephone communication is available, and is gaining market share. It increases call quality, reliability, and makes way for a new set of robust features to improve the user experience. That advance is called Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

VoIP Implementation requires very little change to your current equipment. Often the same phones you use right now can be used with a VoIP service, so retraining staff on a new phone is not likely to be something you’ll need to worry about.

This minimal difference allows the transition to be entirely positive, with customers and staff alike being able to benefit from better clarity and the knowledge that the service is much less likely to go down, even in times of emergency.

To find out more about how to put VoIP to use in your business, feel free to contact us and we’ll walk you through how you can revolutionize your business telephone system.