Small Business IT Solutions: Tips for Improving Computing

improving computingYour small business IT solutions run only as well as your computers, which must be constantly updated to keep up with the latest technology and professional trends. Significant updates to information processing can cost time and money, which is why you don’t do them often. But you can also improve computing capabilities by making the following changes quickly and at little-to-no-cost.

  • Back up to the cloud. If you lose data to hackers, accidents, or carelessness, your small business can keep going when you restore information from a backup. But if you’re still backing up to physical devices, the storage hardware can be destroyed by disasters that affect your location, such as fires or floods. To avoid such calamities, backup to the cloud, so your information always exists somewhere else. As part of of our small business IT solutions, we offer cloud backup for your enterprise.
  • Organize your photos. If it takes you hours to find the single product shot that a customer just requested, then it’s time to organize your digital photo library. First, use cloud backup to store all your pics, just in case you need them again. Then, browse through your image library and delete duplicate views and any shots you don’t need. Finally, tag the remaining pictures with identifying words such as a name, description, manufacturer, location and price. This makes them easier to find with a keyword search. Depending on how many images you have to go through, this entire process may take days, but it will save you countless hours in the future.
  • Uninstall programs you don’t need. Your new computer may have come with bonus and trial software that you didn’t bother to remove but never use. In addition, if you installed new software, it may have loaded additional applications you don’t use because you accepted default settings. These unneeded programs may be running in the background without your knowledge and using up processing time and power. Removing them can improve your computing speed. The process of uninstalling applications differs according to your operating system. But in Windows 8.1, right-click the Windows Taskbar icon in the lower left and choose “Programs and Features” from the menu. Then, in the Programs and Features window choose the applications you want to delete and click Uninstall to remove them.

If you would like to know more about improving computing for your small business, please contact us.