Wearables were scarce at Mobile World Congress, but a few piqued our interest

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, we couldn’t help but ask: Where were all the wearables? While there weren’t any groundbreaking innovations, the showroom still featured a few interesting devices throughout the floor, ranging from smartwatches to headphones.

Even though our options looked bleak, we did find a few that stood out among the noise. Here’s a roundup of five interesting wearables we saw.

Look Watch

From far away, the LooK Watch resembles a hybrid smartwatch based on its analog watch face. But up close, you’ll find it actually has a large, round, AMOLED touchscreen display made of sapphire glass. The smartwatch comes in six different color combinations with stainless steel or 24K gold plating. There’s also customizable watch faces you can switch between by holding down on the touch screen.

The LooK Watch comes with 19 default apps and a SIM card holder, so you can use it for phone calls and text messages in the U.S. and internationally — since the device is unlocked. While the smartwatch can be used for fitness with its GPS and  heart rate sensor features,

But it seems to be geared more toward the elderly. Aside from a dedicated SOS button, you can also set alerts for medication reminders, watch removal, and falls. As for price, the LooK Watch will cost you $228 and $238 for the silver or gold version, respectively.

Omate x Nanoblock children’s smartwatch

In collaboration with Tata Communications, Omate unveiled its children’s smartwatch. The touch-screen watch face comes with a front-facing camera for two-way video chat, along with safety features like SOS alerts and location tracking. Using an accompanying app, parents can keep track of their children in real-time.

It also has a three-day battery life and comes equipped with a SIM card — from Tata Communications — for 3G connectivity. Created by Japanese toy manufacturer Nanoblock, the watch strap is made of micro-blocks that resemble Legos. It definitely makes for an extremely fun and unique look in comparison to other children’s smartwatches on the market.

Aside from a black watch strap, there’s also a white color variant as well. You’ll be able to pre-order the smartwatch in April and devices will start shipping in June — but it will only be available in the U.S. and Europe.

Haier Asu SmartwatchWorld

The Asu smartwatch by Haier might be the weirdest wearable we’ve seen, yet. From the front, it seems like your standard smartwatch — equipped with a touchscreen display, rubber watch strap, and two side buttons to navigate it. As long as you insert a SIM, you’ll be able to make phone calls and send text messages. Other features include tracking fitness and measuring your heart rate with a built-in sensor.

But on the right side is a projector that turns your hand into a display. You can project certain information such as phone numbers if you’re making a call, text messages, and activity tracking. While the software is still a bit glitchy, you’re essentially supposed to be able to tap on your hand in order to control the smartwatch rather than using the display.

As of now, the Haier doesn’t have any concrete plans of launching the Asu in the U.S. It will first be available in China before expanding to other markets.

Bubble Smartwatch For Kids

Similar to the Omate x Nanoblock, the Bubble Smartwatch is also meant for children. Rather than a toy-inspired watch strap, the Bubble Kids Smartwatch comes in silicone or nylon. Other colors include pink and green — with watch straps to match — along with quirky fabric printed ones as well. If your child doesn’t want to wear it as a smartwatch, they can opt for the necklace instead.

In terms of features, the smartwatch includes 4G connectivity with a SIM card, a GPS tracker, an SOS alert button, a front-facing camera, and more. Kids will also have the ability to make phone calls and send text messages to their parents. It can track activity such as steps, calories, and  distance as well. Using the Safe Alert feature, parents can be notified when their child enters the safe zone.

Sony Xperia Ear Duos

sony duo headphones

The Sony Xperia Ear Duo headphones allow you to drown out noise with music, while also still being able to hear what’s in the room around you. They’re controlled via gesture and touch — by swiping your finger along the device you’ll be able adjust the volume, tap to pause, and more.

Its unique design might make them look a bit intimidating to put on. Rather than the standard earbuds, the Sony Duo cradle your ear instead. Other features include its compatibility with Google Assistant and Siri, along with the ability to control the headphones through a smartphone app. You’ll also be able to charge them through its case, and can be used for up to 16 hours.

When it comes to color options, Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo headphones come in an all-black variant along with gold. The device will cost you $280, and will be available for purchase in the spring.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress, we couldn’t help but ask: Where were all the wearables? Even though our options looked bleak, we did find a few that stood out among the noise.