Sizing Up the Options for Secure File Collaboration

File CollaborationA business of any size must deal with a sizable torrent of information. Simply managing customer and financial information requires decent storage and a way to move data around effortlessly and safely. Let us look at the file transfer options that modern businesses have and the most optimal ways to ensure secure file collaboration.


Email is suitable for day-to-day communication and basic file transfer. However, it quickly gets overburdened with bandwidth and storage restrictions. It is rare that mail systems can handle 20MB or more in one transfer, and the media that businesses must share is becoming larger. To properly protect email content you must use email encryption which very few email users ever deploy because of the complexity.

Popular Cloud File Services

This is why cloud platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive have taken off. They solve many of the problems associated with file transfer, such as size limitations. However, before deciding to use them commercially, you should consider some caveats:

  • The basic free services offer limited storage and the costs can quickly mount when you have to upgrade.
  • Because the platforms have massive user bases, they are more likely to become targets of attack or even government scrutiny.
  • They offer little in the way of customization such as logo and address branding.
  • They are limited in the quality of encryption that they can offer.

Secure File Collaboration

In order to find a truly secure and personalized file collaboration solution, you may have to look away from the big platforms. After all, with these services you are one face in a big crowd, and as such the quality of service is not always what you need for your organization.

101 Digital Sync offers all of the key benefits of major cloud based collaboration services. However, with 448 bit encryption, non-shared encryption keys, customized file expiration, sharing from an existing server, and remote file removal, it scores big over Dropbox, Google, and the other major players. Contact 101 Digital to learn how this solution can enhance your productivity and overall security.