What does iOS 8 Have in Store for Apple Users?

467194261Last summer we brought you iOS 7: The Apple Business Consultant Perspective. So it’s only fitting that this summer we preview the iOS 8, which is due for release this fall.

According to Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple, 98% of the Fortune 500 uses iOS. So when Apple announced it’s new iOS at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple business consultants paid close attention.

What’s New in iOS 8?

Apple fans who were expecting a graphic redesign may be disappointed (some have grumbled that iOS 7 is a bit flat and generic looking). Beyond that, there’s a lot to love about iOS 8.

The big selling point is “Convergence.” Expect the new operating system to neatly tie together a lot of loose ends.

Here are a few of the changes iOS 8 brings:

Security – The new OS has beefed up security, including finer control over mail encryption, and expanded data protection that covers third party apps.

Data Management – IT departments will have more ways to manage information securely, without making employees deal with complex rules and regulations.

Productivity – There are improvements to productivity apps, like iCalendar and Mail. Siri now responds to ‘Hey Siri,’ making the feature completely hands free. She’s also getting better at voice recognition.

iPhone 6 – While there was no official mention of the iPhone 6 (or the iWatch) at the WWDC, history has taught us that where there is a new iOS, a new iPhone is sure to follow. Based on past years, a September release is likely.

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