Cisco Partnership Leverages Services for Customers

Cisco_CertPartnerLogoHowdy, partner.

Imagine a cowboy trying to control a herd of cattle on his own.  He rides to the right and brings in a handful of wayward bovines while half the herd starts diverting to the left.  It just makes no sense to work as a lone cowboy when the challenges are so great.  That’s why we have partners.

Cisco Systems is a world leader in telecommunications and IT networking equipment.  As the number one router and switch vendor, Cisco has a sterling reputation for robust equipment and excellent support.  And we at 101 Digital (101 Digital) are a part of that.  We are a Cisco Partner.

Since the beginning Cisco has developed a network of certified partners to support its equipment.  The Cisco Select Partner Certification earned by 101 Digital demonstrates that we have technological and business expertise specific to small and medium-sized businesses.  With this Cisco certification, 101 Digital operates alongside this fine equipment vendor as a qualified small business technology partner.

101 Digital offers white collar service at blue collar prices.  As a flexible team of experts, we are able to provide the level of support you require within a cost structure that you can afford.  Our partnership with Cisco demonstrates the powerful business advantage that we can provide to your organization. Whether it is through managed services, IT consulting, business continuity planning, or some other 101 Digital solution, our team of experts provides the support services that you need for your IT infrastructure.

The Cisco Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Specialization positions SMB partners to support all technologies, including Borderless Networks, Collaboration, and Data Centers.  SMB partners have access to a broad range of Cisco products and support.  101 Digital enjoys a strategic advantage as a certified Cisco Select Partner.

And this is not the only certification that 101 Digital has earned.  101 Digital also partners with Microsoft, Apple, Digium, and CompTIA to offer world-class support to its clients.  We’re not a lone cowboy trying to handle the herd on our own.  We work together with capable partners.  If you would like to take advantage of 101 Digital and our team of partners, why not contact us today?