5G and the Future of Work – How It Will Help Small Businesses Work Remotely

To refer to 5G as the technology of the future is to ignore the fact that it is already in use. Though some organizations are yet to adopt it, it is a question of when they will. Also, we should be focusing on how it will redefine working remotely.

With better connectivity and workforce productivity, the number of people working remotely is increasing, but it is not at its full potential. 5G will enable that. How exactly? Read on to learn more.

1. Increase Accessibility of Cloud Services

With speed and 5G slicing, you can expect better devices for device communication. Cloud service providers can build an end to end network to meet application requirements. As such companies providing services such as storage, networking, SaaS software, and databases will be free to innovate increasing accessibility and choice for cloud services.

Employees can then work seamlessly from home or the coffee shop.

2. Latency

Lag is unacceptable, in life and death situations and for businesses. It has been one of the reasons why most companies have not adopted remote work options. But with this fifth-generation network, lag is a thing of the past.

With lower latency, you can move from webinars and video conferencing to AR and VR for meetings. The stimulated interpersonal connection is a welcome development in the world of e-conferencing. Also, you reduce the need for travel which is an environmental concern positioning your business as an eco-warrior.

3. Better VoIP

You need two things to make a VoIP call. A VoIP account and an internet connection. You can sign up for the former in minutes, but the latter is not promised. Well, that is until 5G becomes mainstream. 4G was enough for consumer calls, but 5G heralds a new age for businesses.

Voice over internet protocols will reduce the communication costs and flexibility of employees. They can receive calls from anywhere at no cost.

4. Accelerate Internet of Things

IoT is just a fancy name for how things connect to a network. 5G will accelerate internet of things, resulting in seamless collaboration and communication. But how does IoT help you with remote work?

First, IoT data is handled in the cloud, and if it does not live where it is gathered, employees do not have to be there as well. Manufacturing companies can add sensors to their machines for real-time data that an expert on the other side of the country can interpret. One technician can actively monitor conditions from two or more plants.

5. Flexibility

Health practitioners will benefit most from the flexibility that 5G offers. You see, healthcare providers can do things they could not have previously imagined. With better connectivity and a shift to mobile, you can now provide home care for an aging population.

Moreover, it allows nurses and doctors to go paperless and remain compliant. Yes, an EMM solution is required to keep health organizations be compliant, but the possibility of remote work is mind-boggling. You can have nurses in different states without logistic problems. Surgeons can assist with operations by using 3D immersive holograms to operate remotely.

6. Outsource Experts and Specialists

In-house specialists are pricey. Often we have to contract, but there is lag as the experts have to travel to your location. With 5G, you can get the services of an expert from halfway across the world. You can even outsource your specialists to other companies. Also, allowing your people to work for more companies, increases your success rate.

Executives can also take up positions in different companies.

7. Make Artificial Intelligence more Commonplace

A significant roadblock to the adoption of AI in the workplace has been poor network technology. Even 4G is not up to par. 5G, on the other hand, is 10X more powerful than what we currently have. It allows the incorporation of AI. And how does AI help businesses work remotely?

For the HR, there is assistant-enabled hiring and onboarding, automated processing of documents from halfway across the world, and advanced insights.

Learn More About How 5G Will Help Small Businesses Work Remotely

5G is still in its nascent stages, but it indicates a new age for businesses. There is still a lot that needs to be done, and companies have to get the infrastructure in place for such a drastic shift. 101 Digital will help you with this change to remote work in a secure and thought out manner.