Increase Employee Productivity with Managed IT Support Services

managed-IT-support-chicagoIn today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, you want your employees to make use of every working moment wisely. Maximizing productivity in the office is a great way to minimize the amount of work you’re bringing your job home when you’re supposed to be relaxing and recovering.

The following tips originally introduced by PCMag, illustrates how the right software can help increase productivity in the workplace.

Cloud-Managed To-Do Lists and Calendars

Don’t be surprised by a client showing up for a meeting you’ve forgotten about. Your first task in the morning should be to check your calendar so you can plan your day. Google Calendar lets you schedule your time online for free and can email you reminders through email or pop-ups. It also contains a task list so you can create your To Do List and check off action items as they get done.

Time Tracking

Do you know how much time you spend where each day? Are you spending too much time on email or social media? The only way to find out is by tracking your time for a week or so. RescueTime works in the background to record the minutes you spend on the Internet and on software. You can then see a detailed report of your activities. The program also allows you to send alerts when you spend too much time on an activity.

Filter Out Unproductive Websites

If your employees are spending too much time looking at cat videos on YouTube or chatting on Facebook, you can block out distracting websites with LeechBlock, a Firefox add-on, or StayFocused, a Chrome extension. Both let you specify the sites to block and when to block them. You can even block all websites for a specific period so you can focus on the task at hand.

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