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Increase Communication, Information and Location Management with Switchvox

In the information age, communication is the most essential part of running a successful business. Whether offering services, product or IP, your business must be able to communicate with supply chain partners, customers and employees well. An effective communication system includes automatic information management, as well as location flexibility. By partnering with a Switchvox partner, you will be given the ability to manage your communication and information systems from any location.

The bedrock of any Unified Communications (UC) system includes electronic messaging, web based meetings and conference calls, as well as traditional voice communications. Communication is not just a cliche word thrown into a description of a telephone software program; your Switchvox partner will work with you to create the right solution to portray information to customers, vendors and employees exactly when needed.

A good UC system will give your team the ability to communicate in these tricky situations –

  • Outside Sales Reps – As the most crucial part of growth, outside sales reps give your business exposure in the community through personal interactions and communication with potential clients and current customers. The risk of managing an outside sales rep team is that every time you have turnover, you lose contact information, as well as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) information generated by your sales reps’ use of personal phones for communication. With an integrated UC system, reps can use your UC’s contact system, messaging system and call system to build relationships with all potential clients. This gives your reps increased privacy and security (not giving out personal phone numbers to customers) and gives your company data recovery options in the event of turnover.
  • Mobile Workers – With advancements in technology, sales reps are not the only people working outside the office. The reasons that a UC with cloud and on-premise solutions works for mobile workers are very similar to outside sales reps.
  • Manage Multiple Locations – With Switchvox’s potential for a hybridized cloud/on-premise solutions, your UC partner can easily aid your company in expanding to additional offices without increasing your costs. Additionally, you do not have to be in your office to manage client, employee and vendor communications; with an iPhone app, you can use Switchvox wherever your feet may land you.
  • Collaboration – Communication gets very confusing when you are not able to see things in writing, pick up on body language, and hear what someone is saying. With a UC system, your business can integrate modern collaboration tools to bring almost as much efficiency to your long-distance collaboration as if they were sitting in your office with you.

As people communicate, they generate information. Information management is what separates good software from bad software, and it is no different with your UC systems. Your Switchvox partner helps your business integrate your UC system with some of the best CRM systems on the market, or create your own!

A CRM is designed specifically to manage customer information. When you integrate your CRM with your business’s communications system, you create a powerful information interface which accesses information regarding your customers and your employees, including call recording and instant messaging.

Information builds relationships, and managing your UC phone system gives you the ability to manage wait times, transfer customers between personnel and focus your customer service and sales processes for great results.

Location Management
As businesses use global communication systems, they need to manage communication no matter their location or their customers location. With cloud-based hosting and smartphone integration, you can outsource team features, manage your switchboard on the road, and connect with customers no matter their location.

For more information on how a Switchvox partner can help you build an UC for the 21st century, please contact us today!