5 Productivity Boosting Apps That Integrate With Teams

With more of the workforce working remotely, the need for integrated software, apps, and services is increasingly more necessary. Microsoft Teams is emerging as a top central portal for the remote workplace. The best part: there are nearly endless opportunities for integration and it’s just beginning.

Here are just a few of the incredible ways Microsoft Teams is becoming more integrated with your favorite workplace apps and how you can use these integrations to save time, be more efficient, have better communication, and collaborate easier.


A favorite organization app, Asana is often used to keep track of team projects and individual tasks. By now integrating with Microsoft Teams, you can enjoy improved collaboration without even leaving Teams. You can create, track, and follow-up on things in Asana without leaving a meeting window, allowing for better multi-tasking and communication. You can also see all your Asana tasks, projects, and portfolios directly in Teams. Need to follow up on the progress of an important Asana task? You can do it in Teams! The communication between these two platforms is seamless and allows you to stay in one location on Teams without skipping an Asana beat.


When it comes to sales and service records, Salesforce is a must. But keeping track of everything between multiple screens can be overwhelming. No more, with the integration of Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. You’ll stay on the same page with your team while also having better context, saving you time from switching between apps. Your Salesforce records are precious and now you can mention those and reference them easily in Teams channels and chats so collaboration is a breeze. If you need to preview details about your Salesforce records, you can simply look at them in your Teams channels and chats. Plan on working on a certain record over a longer period of time? Pin it to your Teams channel tabs and chats so you find it faster and easier. You can even edit your records right from Teams.


For note keeping and sharing, Evernote is a well-known favorite. Now that it’s been integrated with Microsoft Teams, you can access all your Evernote content straight from your Teams chat threads, allowing for more context in your collaboration conversations and leading to more action. While you’re reading a shared Evernote note, you can chat about it without ever leaving the chat window. And you’ll save precious time in your searches and sharing by doing it all through Teams chat. One of the best parts about this integration is that your shared Evernote notes are always synced for everyone you’re collaborating with, so no more guesswork or miscommunications. Did you just get another important email or email attachment? Seamlessly turn that into a new Evernote file with one click through your Microsoft Outlook plugin.

Evernote for Microsoft Teams


Who doesn’t love being recognized for their hard work? Now it’s easier than ever to send a little electronic pick-me-up with the integrated Starbucks app in Microsoft Teams. Once it’s enabled, you can pay from your Starbucks Rewards Account and choose from a variety of gift card designs, giving it that extra personal touch. Add a gift balance between $5 and $100 plus a personalized message and send it directly in a chat or channel message. Your coworker or employee will instantly feel appreciated, recognized, and soon-to-be caffeinated.


Keeping deals in your sales pipeline is crucial to increasing revenue and bringing in more money. That’s why so many businesses love Pipedrive. And now with its integration with Microsoft Teams, you can have real-time updates while you stay on top of those deals. Schedule and join a Microsoft Teams video meeting directly from Pipedrive’s activity view so you don’t miss a thing. Best of all: the Teams bot can send updates on Pipedrive deals, people, organizations, and activities to your colleagues in Teams, providing better visibility and context to all your working deals.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out all the great integrations you can have with Microsoft Teams and start working smarter, not harder. The team at 101 Digital is always happy to discuss and help your business roll out any integrations needed. Schedule a 15 minute call to answer any questions you may have today!