How Software is changing the face of Network Management

As software consumes the world, Network Management is undergoing a radical transformation leading formerly physical networks to become increasingly virtual.

The computer network is losing weight, and it’s losing weight fast.

Work that was once done by physical switches, routers and controllers, is shifting towards software programs running APIs to communicate between different parts of the network.

In the future, operations will increasingly be based on cloud computing IT networks and less on physical infrastructure and hardware.

Basically, much of the day-to-day network management work that was once in the realm of humans-usable management will become a machine-usable system.

These programmable network systems will be highly automated. For example, providing new network services for users in the future will allow adjustments to be made instantly via software programs, rather than time-consuming physical network changes.

The software, instead of being manually adjusted or configured by IT specialists, will be administered instantly by APIs (application programming interfaces), and will allow for increased user control.

APIs have already been heavily adopted in standard network management practices and any IT specialist worth their salt is experienced in their use and implementation.

While network management is changing rapidly, let us assure it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the importance of network management will only become more relevant to businesses in the future. As computer networks become more efficient, the demand for their use will only increase their role in day-to-day business management and functions.

IT specialists, such as ourselves, will be as valuable as ever in tomorrow’s landscape of virtual network management, but we will carry a different set of tools to solve your network problems.

At this point, however, there is no such thing as a software directed network management. Humans, along with hardware, continue to play the cornerstone role in business network management and will continue to do so for years into the future.

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