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Small Business IT Solutions: Where to Put Your Wireless Access Point (AP)

wireless access pointYou and your employees want the freedom to access the Internet and company database wirelessly from any part of the office. So you’ve decided to install a wireless access point, or AP. (In most cases, your AP and router are the same thing.) If you work in one small room, then you can place the device almost anywhere for great reception. But if your workspace spans multiple rooms or floors, then follow these tips for locating and using your wireless access point.

  • Put it in the middle. The range then extends equally throughout your office. Whenever possible, put the AP on an open shelf at desk height or higher, rather than on the floor. This maximizes the reception for laptops, tablets, and smart phones that are used while sitting or standing.
  • Update your firmware. Many manufacturers constantly upgrade the firmware of their APs to improve functioning and make it more secure. Registering with the manufacturer should be enough for your to receive notices of upgrade. If not, check their website on a regular schedule. Updating typically only requires that you run a small file.
  • Try range extenders. If dead spots exist in your office no matter where you locate the AP, then consider using a range extender to increase the reach of your device. Extenders rebroadcast the signal from your AP to another location. They’re generally far cheaper than an AP, so you can deploy several of them if you have more than one dead zone.

If you’d like more information on using APs, or need additional small business IT solutions, please contact us.