Peace of Mind from Network Management

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In the course of building a business, one of the most stressful moments is the first 15 seconds after you get a blue screen of death. For many people, the stress of realizing your computer is dead or dying is followed by the sinking feeling in your gut as you realize you are not prepared for this.

Or, the 3 AM moment where your phone goes off, across the room, and your wife gets it. Your website is down and customers and employees alike need it fixed, now. After 3 hours of work, you realize that you lost customer contact info when your server crashed, costing you weeks of work since your last backup.

While situations like this are common, they do not have to be a significant part of your fears as you build your business. Proper network management reduces risks and increases your business efficiency and improves your peace of mind.

Significant Management
From backup and recovery to properly managed infrastructure, a 3rd party network management team brings your business significant peace of mind. As the Cloud is growing and more and more business systems can be offered and managed remotely, these are some of the areas where a 3rd party development team can reduce your stress and workload.

  • Mobile Management – Mobile computing is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that mobile computing puts all your relevant business processes at the tip of an employee’s fingers. The curse is that it puts all your relevant information at employee’s finger tips. Those familiar with American history and the battle of Antietam will recall that one of the most significant Union victories of the Civil War was because of dropped paperwork. Do not let your phone be the source of significant data breaches, mobile management needs to be able to locate your devices, and wipe them of sensitive information remotely in case a device gets lost.
  • Integrate Maintenance – With Cloud based technology, many maintenance issues can be done on your IT remotely. This technology gives your IT management team the ability to monitor, fix and prevent issues without ever entering your office: saving time and money for both your business and theirs.
  • Cutting Edge AV Programs – Anti-Virus programs need to be updated, patched and integrated with firewalls and internal security systems to keep your business secure. These systems are best planned and created by people who know where computers are at and where they are going, are up to date on computer news and understand programming culture.
  • 24/7 Support – Rather than getting late night phone calls about your IT, a good management team will be able to identify problems routinely, and address them as they arise, no matter the time.

Reduce Risk, Focus Your Energy
Business is difficult, but richly rewarding when you get good work done. The point of network management is to create an efficient system which gives your team the technological framework to build your business, to create great work, and to dazzle your customers. When everyone on your team is too busy putting out fires, your entire business process suffers.

The risk associated with data loss is significant. Many businesses cannot recover from the customer and income loss when losing data, and having websites crash for days or weeks. With a proper back-up and recovery plan, you can afford to set your network and forget it. The right management will notify you of any events which require your attention, and free your mental processes to focus on creating positive customer relationships and great product to grow your business.

Focused energy is key to running a great business, and it is probably a reason that 93% of companies fail after suffering a significant data loss. Your energy needs to be focused on building your business, not recovering your computers. Please contact 101 Digital for additional information on how our full hosting services can meet your business’s needs.