Cisco Aims to Streamline IT with Application-Centric Infrastructure

Cisco has recently announced that it is pushing forward a data center architecture that is more aligned with the flexible needs of modern business. It has dubbed this new framework Application-Centric Infrastructure, and it is an entire set of technologies and practices for data centers to allow them to adapt and scale with virtual and mobile solutions.

Much of the development of this infrastructure is due to Cisco’s investment in Software Defined Networking (SDN) spin-in Insieme. Developments in SDN aim to perfect open protocols for managing networks with a software layer rather than the traditional hard/soft connections which engineers must manage, usually at great effort and cost. This development is disruptive with regard to Cisco technology, and Cisco has created a strategy to adapt to it.

Cisco has highlighted that its Application-Centric Infrastructure is distinct from SDN. The concrete details of how an application-centric data center will work are not available yet, but unlike SDN the focus is on application performance and deliverability on top of scalability. Cisco’s CTO Padmasree Warrior, in an official blog, has elaborated on the architecture’s aims. It embraces speed of application deployment, common infrastructures for managing local and cloud resources, unified policies and infrastructure, open API collaboration, and a combination of commodity and custom hardware. It also applies object-oriented design to the network level in order to better manage the various hierarchies of IT resources.

Amid all of the adaptation undergoing modern networks, a Cisco partner is qualified to help your business stay on top of industry leading technology and learn to how best bring all IT solutions under one roof.