How Small Businesses Manage Fixed Cost IT

Fixed Cost ITRunning a small business is no easy feat. Every aspect of your company relies on your innovation, stamina, and creativity. In order to produce high quality products and services, the small business owner must wear many hats; staying on top of his or her game at all times.

Keeping the business afloat and prosperous relies on a delicate collaboration between the owners, staff, and partnering contractors. As IT becomes a more integral part of small business operations, understanding how to manage costs becomes more important. In an effort to keep costs under control, fixed cost IT services are ideal.

Under fixed cost IT plans, businesses are able to budget each month for important network and software maintenance, security updates, tech troubleshooting and repair. Think of fixed cost IT as an insurance plan that can keep your important data and equipment safe and working optimally day in and day out.

If you already have a provider, it might be wise to make sure that they are providing the following services as part of the agreement:

  • Service call response time
  • Predictable IT service monthly costs
  • Covered technology and telephony assets
  • IT service reliability and up time
  • Emergency repair costs agreements

In many cases, your IT service provider will be able to access your network and systems remotely. This allows the technician to find and repair problems more quickly and allow your staff to continue working with little interruption. Productivity is everything, and having your systems managed by a dependable IT company reduces staff downtime.

In addition, fixed cost IT services can include 24/7 monitoring of systems, which will allow your IT service provider to determine any issues that may arise before they begin to slow you down. If in the event that scammers steal your information or undergo a security breach, small business data recovery can begin almost immediately.

At 101 Digital, we understand the importance of dependable IT. We offer fixed rate service packages that can help keep your business running like clockwork. Please, contact us for more information.