Your Switchvox Partner: Providing Unified Communications to Stay More Competitive

As a Switchvox partner here at 101 Digital Inc., we’re fortunate to offer their unified communications VoIP solution that so many businesses have already enjoyed. But we know not enough business are unifying their telecommunication systems like they should. In a time when business competition is at the greatest it’s ever been, businesses need every type of connectivity possible so all employees stay on the same page.

This works through consolidating all of the essential functions of your office in a way that’s easily accessible anywhere you go. You can thank the cloud for this, which is the essential tool for connecting companies in ways they never thought was possible.

Voice and Messaging Services
Switchvox allows a connectivity for your mobile technology that can connect you with anyone in your company. VoIP already connects every department through the cloud so there isn’t confusion when passing on information to others. This is crucial when you and your staff work on a vital business project requiring input from multiple people. These departments could be in the dozens, making instant communication a problem if you’re still using analog phone systems.

We know some companies still use old phones, and they start feeling the pain when their companies grow. If your own company hasn’t acquired VoIP yet, you’re likely seeing extra fees on your phone bill, plus finding it a challenge connecting everybody when you need to confer on a project together.

The Switchvox solution gives you mobility like you’ve never seen, including instant messaging when someone can’t talk on the phone immediately. Through the cloud, VoIP technology allows messaging through an Internet line. This allows voice messages to play on an employee’s mobile device or wherever they have an Internet connection.

Best of all, telecommunication unification means you’ll reach everybody when you need them, no matter where they are. This includes group conversation through voice, or through video.

Communications Through Video
The advancements in video conferencing are truly astounding now thanks to better cameras, quality Internet, and better bandwidth. Switchvox’s offering in video allows everyone on your team to do video conferences without worry of Internet dropouts or poor-quality cameras. Presentations about an important business project are now done wherever you have Internet.

Yes, this means real-time group meetings on video, even if some of your staff are in separate office locations, halfway across the world, or even at their home.

With competition so fierce in the business world, you need everyone’s input on a business project so it doesn’t have loose ends. Having video communications consolidated with all other telecommunication options shows the miracle of our technology and a virtual office on the go.

Your Desktop Available Anywhere You Go
As part of that virtual office, your entire desktop contents are immediately accessible wherever you have Internet. Again, the cloud is so essential today and holds everything you use in your office if you so choose. Thanks to having your entire desktop available this way, working on documents and graphics for your project is easy. In teleconferencing, these documents are easily shareable so it’s like having a live meeting in a board room with charts and graphs.

The greatest thing is that with these tools in the cloud, it’s also managed and monitored by a quality provider. We’ll do this for you here at 101 Digital Inc. Through our management, we’ll never get in your way and keep things running efficiently at all times with superior security. Updating is also done behind the scenes so you save time, giving you the essential hours in a day to get your work done.

Contact us to find out more about Switchvox’s unified communications solution and how it’s revolutionizing the way businesses run now. It’s time you moved ahead from your competitors with the right digital tools fitting your business structure.