Legal Industry IT Solutions: From Document Management to Mobile to the Cloud

Legal industry IT solutions are going to be in higher demand in the near future as the competition between legal firms becomes more intense. Part of that involves finding clients quickly after particular incidents occur, particularly car accidents. With the proper IT solutions, a legal firm can potentially turn into a state-of-the-art center where they won’t have to worry about private information being compromised or losing clients to a competitor.

Mobile Technology and Design

There’s nothing more in demand in the world of IT than in mobile technology. And the use of it in the legal world is going to be essential. Consider how fast a personal injury lawyer could be found if his firm was easily findable on smartphones and tablets. When someone gets into an accident, they’ll be using their mobile device to find a lawyer on the spot.

IT solutions to this may involve taking on adapative design for a lawyer’s website so it conforms well for the mobile format. As well, teaching lawyers not used to using smartphones or tablets will be essential so they can easier communicate with clients and take particular actions while on the go.

Cloud Services and Data Security

The cloud is nearly tied with mobile technology for the top IT solution for any company. For the legal industry, it can mean safely storing all of their past information in a reliable cloud database for easy retrieval. This also applies to the security of that information as part of a backup and retrieval business continuity plan. If a legal team is in the middle of a complicated case and their office is decimated in a disaster, cloud technology can quickly retrieve all information that was entered digitally.

Software for Specific Legal Tasks

Software can help a legal firm deal with the reams of papers and other files that need to be filled out for legal cases. In fact, the proper software like Time Matters and Prolaw can now manage all of that without needing a single sheet of paper. Especially when using a tablet, a lawyer can utilize some of the latest software in managing early case assessments. Other software can handle the heftier paperwork done during actual litigation, including transcripts.

Encryption for Private Emails

With so much concern about the privacy of email still being widespread, legal firms should ensure they use state-of-the-art encryption methods. Email is still going to be used in communication between a lawyer and his clients (as well as possible instant messaging), so security should be a paramount concern. This also includes protection against viruses through various anti-virus tools.

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