How Cloud Services Are Reigning

168730816It used to be if you had your head in the clouds, it was a bad thing. It meant you were a dreamer who didn’t have their feet firmly planted on the ground. In today’s world of computers, if you don’t have your business in the cloud, you are falling behind.  Businesses are rapidly finding that doing business in the clouds is faster, less expensive, and more efficient. Companies that offer such services as the Microsoft Cloud Services are leading businesses to a whole new way of doing things.

According to a recent report in the New York Times, almost 90 percent of new spending on Internet and communications will be for cloud-based services, totaling about $5 trillion dollars. This spending will include mobile apps, big data, and social media uses. It will be the largest increase of any business expenditure. Moving from buying their own computers, building corporate data centers, and hosting their own servers are becoming a thing of the past, with the huge expense of these options. Moving to cloud-based services saves money on equipment, maintenance, manpower, and time.

Microsoft first started using cloud services to run their email accounts and for their Xbox games. Now, businesses can access Microsoft’s cloud for themselves, with Azure. Chinese automaker Qoros uses Microsoft’s cloud services to connect their cars to the social media and provide entertainment. But Microsoft isn’t the only company on a big cloud. If you access any Google services, you are on their cloud. The AWS cloud is home to entertainment giant, Netflix who streams all of their offerings through the cloud.

One of the best factors about cloud computing is the availability. Where it use to be impossible for small businesses to compete with the big guys, cloud services have changed that. The cloud expands the ability for a business to reach global levels, access large amounts of data, and reach more people, putting it in reach of smaller businesses. What once was only possible for large corporate data centers is now at the fingertips of small business.

Placing your business in a position for success today means looking up and seeing the clouds. Having your head, and business, in the cloud is now called progress. For more information on what cloud services would work best for your business, contact us. We can help you put your head in the clouds and your feet on the road to success.