The Cloud is Changing Mobile Device Management. Are You Ready?

According to a recent article from BackupTechnology, the increasing use of the cloud means the rules of mobile device management are changing. Here is what it means for you.

  • ¬†Data management used to mean managing the device on which is was accessed. Now, with data residing in the cloud, it can be accessed anywhere and from any device. Now a greater focus must be on instituting and implementing user policies regarding how and when the data can be accessed, as well as by whom.
  • An upside of mobile device management, however, is the accessibility of all versions of documents and the ability to ensure that users working on a team all have access to the latest update of that document.
  • It is important for businesses who allow employees to use personal devices for work purposes to create BYOD policies and to let those policies drive their user management system. Attention also should be given to increasing employee awareness of security issues that can impact the system, and a method by which the quality of the cloud services can be monitored.


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