Why Small Businesses Need to Manage their Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

mobile-devices-chicagoMobile device management has become an important part of running a business smoothly. Even small-sized businesses make use of all kinds of devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops as they allow the employees to reply to questions quickly and address issues at any given time and place.

Reports from a survey on data protection revealed that there is a massive increase in the number of employees who while working remotely, depend on their personal devices, like iPads, laptops and smartphones for accessing company data.

Though it is expected that those handling sensitive customer data would know the associated responsibilities and risks, the numbers indicate that several professional who work remotely are with companies that are either extremely casual with regards to keeping client information secure and safe or simply unaware about it.

Prevent Loss of Data

In today’s business environment, the chances of vital data being stolen or lost are higher than ever. This is mostly due to the change in the work habits with more and more professional keeping sensitive official data on their personal devices. In the absence of proper backup and adequate data management policies, several small businesses are ill-equipped to safeguard customer and company data in case there is loss, theft or a crash in the hard drive.

Flexibility in Operation

MDM or Mobile Device Management helps in the remote management of the company or staff-owned mobile devices. It allows the business to operate in an efficient and flexible manner and can safely control software applications, data access and content.

As opposed to the general perception, mobile device management is not just necessary for big businesses; it plays a major role in managing the data of small businesses as well.

Ease of Automation

With mobile device management, a business can streamline and automate activities like configuration, making sure that all the devices get configured the exact same way-content delivery and distant provisioning. So everybody automatically gets the latest update of a report or spreadsheet.

Small businesses require device safety as well as vulnerability protection, awareness about who is holding what data and the tools to manage system and application updates.

In today’s risky business environment, it is important for small businesses to invest time thinking about the different aspects of mobile device management that could beneficial for them and also relatively easy to incorporate into the business.