Carefully Implementing The Right BYOD Option Is Key To Mobile Device Management

BYODNow more than ever, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a reality in the workplace that can’t be ignored by employers. Employers expect that BYOD adds a level of flexibility and increased productivity to their workforce. It is an integral part in effective mobile device management for most corporations, as most employers also expect that an effective BYOD policy will save them money. This idea is a slippery slope though, whereas a recent report conducted by the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) actually cites the contrary may be true.

The report cites that 69% of enterprises’ cost actually rise or remain the same after implementing a BYOD program. An expense conundrum lies in this statistic however, because simply choosing to ignore BYOD is not an intelligent solution. There are a couple of big reasons why this is true: First, employees can choose to ignore corporate policy and use shadow technology to conduct business, which in turn compromises corporate security and proprietary information. Secondly, some of the expenses of BYOD can, in fact, be made up for with increased employee productivity.

“Successful BYOD programs take a tremendous amount of strategic planning and work. The most successful BYOD programs are very deliberate in terms of increasing the wireless budget.” (Steve Haddock, Director of “Bluefish”)

Mr. Haddock goes on to list options that employers have to select from in regards to BYOD. It appears to not really be a one size fits all program. The key is to choose the right option for your particular group of employees and organization. Options include the following:

  • CYOD – Choose Your Own Device
  • CLEO – Corporate Liable Employee Owned
  • COPE – Corporate Ownce Personally Enabled

“This is where it is helpful to engage with a Solutions Provider to determine the best approach and how best to integrate TEM and WEM programs with Mobile Device Management (MDM).” (Steve Haddock)

“101 Digital” (101 Digital) provides MDM and BYOD solutions that will enable you and your staff to use personal smartphones and tablets for work purposes, without compromising the sensitive data and files that are sent amongst them. These services are:

  • Secure – Comprehensive reporting and monitoring to let you know if there’s a breach to your devices’ security.
  • Worry-free – If a mobile device is lost or stolen, we can locate it with GPS technology and wipe your private data remotely.
  • Flexible – New users to your mobile network can be automatically set up via remote configuration management.

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