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3 Common BYOD Mistakes Small Business Owners Can Prevent

Are your employees inadvertently putting your business at risk?

BYOD-office-chicagoBYOD Mistakes

A BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) office environment offers many benefits for small business owners. They include cost savings (since employees use their own devices), improved employee satisfaction, and the ability for employees to work remotely.

Even with the benefits that BYOD provides, there can still be risks small business owners must be mindful of. Below are three common BYOD mistakes some small business owners make when implementing BYOD.

1. Lack of a Backup Plan

A lot of company data is transferred, added, and updated between all of your employee’s mobile devices. Some of these files are bound to get lost or worse, permanently deleted. This makes it critical to have a back-up of all of your company data.

Your small business IT provider can create a BYOD policy that instructs employees to store their files in the cloud. They can also create a cloud storage backup plan to recover lost data. This can save your company time and money should your data ever become compromised.

2. Installing Unsecured Apps

Since employees are able to use their own devices, they may also end up installing apps and software that put your company’s data at risk. This can be avoided by requesting that your IT service provider help craft a policy outlining which apps are safe to use for company business, as well as which apps to avoid.

Security measures can even be put in place to prevent employees from accessing unapproved websites and apps while at the workplace.

3. Unapproved Devices

A common problem with BYOD is that employees often bring in multiple devices to access company data. They may have one scanned and approved device while another isn’t. A new or unapproved device may contain malware which puts your sensitive company data at risk.

There are numerous mistakes many small business owners make when it comes to BYOD implementation.It its always a good bet to leave the details to an IT service professional, as they are better suited to monitor and manage your network’s security and BYOD plan.

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