Purchasing Macs for Your Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

MacsAt the 2014 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled the new iOS for iPads and other mobile devices, along with OX X Yosemite operating system for Macintosh computers.

The updated OS systems are packed with new features, which make buying Apple products even more enticing. While there’s much to be said about the whole range of Apple products, today’s focus is on the Macintosh line.

Mobility & Stability: Mac Buying Guide

If you’re thinking of adding one or more Macintosh computers your business, here are some things to keep in mind.

Laptop or Desktop

  • Notebooks (ask laptops) are powerful, portable and lightweight.
  • Desktops have bigger screens, faster processors and a lot more memory.

For Desktop Lovers – Mini, i, or Pro:

  • Mac Mini is economical, compact and has plenty of computing power. Screen, keyboard and mouse are not included.
  • iMac is a step up in terms of processor speed and memory. Plus it comes with a choice of two screen sizes, wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Mac Pro is lightning fast and has twice the memory of the iMac. Screen, keyboard and mouse are not included.

For the Notebook Crowd – Light Weight vs. Heavy Weight

  • MacBook Air–Thin and lightweight, this model is a good fit for a briefcase. It comes in a choice of 13″ or 15″ screens.
  • MacBook Pro–These notebooks are heavier, but also a lot faster. They come in 13″, 13″ with Retina Display (better graphics), and 15″ with Retina Display.

Memory Size – Apple offers customers options when it comes to ram. At one end is the MacBook Air, offering the choice between 4 gb or 8 gb. At the other end is Mac Pro, which can hold up to 64 gb.

New or Refurbished -There is a whole marketplace of refurbished Macs that come with limited warrantees, and a discounted price tag.

With so many choices, how does one decide? It really comes down to priorities. If the computer will be used for complex graphic programs and storing a lot of data, an iMac or Mac Pro make the most sense. On the other hand, if lightweight and portable are the most important features, a MacBook Air might be the best bet.

Decide what features matter most, then purchase the best computer that fits the budget. The faster the processor and the greater the memory capacity, the more readily the computer will handle future upgrades and new software.

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